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Located in Silicon Slopes of Utah Valley

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Ridiculus Self-Praise

His potential to create is unlimited. His eye for design stands out in a crowd. His multiplication tables are bar none the best in his class.

- Brandon's Mom, circa 1988

One could describe his work as danger-sexy.

- Bond, James Bond

Someone once called him Dork Vader... and he liked it.

- Random man at grocery store

Not only did my company profits triple but I landed a swmimsuit model, inherited an island and cured cancer. Thanks ecurb designs!

- Obviously fictitious client #3

By industry standards he is considered a Nerdstrodamus.

- uhh... me

If CSS had a middle name it would be ecurb designs... well, if it had 2 middle names.

- That one guy I did a project with a few years ago

Clients often says his work is muy delicioso.

- Rico Suave, 1990

His passion to never cease accomplishing is only exceeded by his unquenchable thirst for innovation in cutting-edge overachievemnt.

- Barf

He has a horrible habit of grossly under-charging clients.

- Brandon's wife

His short-game is pretty darn awful. And don't get me started on how he can never hit fairways.

- Wait what?

You know that awful noise people make when they run across a website that is really crappy? Well, Brandon's work makes it 67% less likely to happen to your site and 89% more likely to happen to your competitor's site.

- Forbes Magazine